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Here Is What We Offer
  • Interactive Web Apps
  • Ecommerce & CRM
  • Responsive Websites
  • API and BaaS/SaaS
  • iOS (iPad & iPhone)
  • Android (Mobile & Tablet)
  • Game Development (Sprite-Kit, Unity)
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps (PhoneGap)
  • Android Wear
  • Apps for Apple Watch
  • Android TV
  • Augmented Reality (Oculus Rift)
  • Intuitive Design
  • Wireframing
  • Pixel-Perfect UI
  • Multi-Platform Adaptation
A Little Bit About Us

Glory Staffing has successfully delivered more than 200 projects since 2009 for emerging technology companies from different parts of the world, particularly from California, Germany, Canada, Russia, Israel and Singapore based start-ups. With a mission to be the most consistent and dependable organization, we endeavor providing unparalleled services, finest products and comprehensive high-quality solutions to a wide set of customers from all over the world. Once we commit, we execute well and always deliver on time.

Why Choose Us? Here Are A Few Reasons

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Huge experience of working with entrepreneurs and emerging companies, being familiar with their needs and problems.

Small and Medium Businesses

Helping you focus on your core business. We’ll maintain your technological aspects, by being your technology partner.

Individual Approach

Our friendly team which is excellent in communication and highly available, will make sure maximum synergy during collaboration is achieved.

Latest Tech Trends

At Glory Staffing we practice the best methodologies by providing opportunities to assess the direction throughout the development life-cycle.

Agile Methodologies

We follow Agile & Scrum principles. The process of development is very transparent & trackable through a well known project management tool.

Best coding Practices

Our software development team uses the best coding practices which always helps to improve the quality of the software.

Creativity, innovation, but also with knowledge and development

The business of our company

Not only creativity

Our services

Ideas that lead to new actions

Glory staffing is a trusted web & mobile app development company focusing on multi-platform technology. We develop web & mobile apps on all major platforms with our expertise. We offer our clients an end-to-end app development service including concept creation, design, development, deployment and maintenance. We have a team that can make your apps with professionalism and competence. You have full visibility, and the ability to drive the agenda as frequently as you need to, and an infrastructure that minimizes disruptions.

  • Mobile Development

    At Glory Staffing we develop mobile apps on all major platforms with our expertise being on the iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android. We also develop mobile games using Sprite-Kit and Unity3D, and develop hybrid apps using PhoneGap. Our goal is to make your app more powerful with latest technologies, fast and fluid, and small size for quick downloading.

  • Web Development

    We provide Web development for both Front-End and Back-End with wide variety of websites ranging from interactive Web apps, E-commerce websites, complex content management systems, API & BaaS/SaaS. We build powerful, easy to use, responsive websites and applications that are customizable.

  • Wearables

    We extend mobile app development by offering wearable device app development for both major platforms, Android wear and Apple Watch OS. We build various apps including fitness apps and rich notification apps which can be sync via bluetooth to main app on the phone.

  • UI/UX Design

    We provide design services from interface wire-framing to GUI design across all platforms (iOS, Android & Windows Phone) and any device screen size. Our approach is to design clean, simple and intuitive interface platforms guidelines like Apple human interface design for iOS, or Material Design for Android. Our goal is to give Pixel-perfect design.

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We have put together the best of our experience, the best of our talents and this is the result. Every time we make a plan we put in discussion to arrive at an excellent design.

Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

To each project we bring enthusiasm and excitement. We bring trust and professionalism. We do everything we can to ensure our customers are not just customers, but part of the team we work with.








Years in market

The questions you may want to know


From Conception To Delivery

At Glory Staffing, we design digital experiences building on key principles and proven techniques. From user experience design to iterative development, validation & final delivery, our approach is unique & caters to the needs of individual projects.

Communication & Analysis

After contacting us, our team will immediately start collecting data to conduct research, and prepare to start the project. We give great importance and emphasize on free and open two-way communication, as a detailed understanding of the client’s requirements is the key to the successful implementation of the project. We are open to request for a project proposal when all the details of your need is provided and you can also explain the expectations, perceptions to the project. You can bring all your doubts and questions regarding to the project which will enable us to understand your requirements clearly so that we can come up with fitting software development solutions.


After we clarify your requirements, the app design phase begins. The visual design process is a crucial stage for building beautiful and at the same time functional products. A great user experience is the key to keep people coming back. It’s that simple. The goal is to end up with clean, simple and yet elegant and intuitive designs. We follow all standards of interface guidelines. From a large view to a small checkbox, we are designing Pixel Perfect products. We pair great development architecture with a compelling user experience to give our clients the best results.


Glory Staffing has a well experienced development team capable of delivering value and innovation for you and your customers. Our aim is to develop awesome apps that engage your end users and convert prospective buyers into paying customers. To assist this we use cutting-edge tools in work planning and communication. We break down the project into features, and identify the technologies to implement them. We write well tested code, and prefer working in agile sprint.

Quality Testing

Quality Analysis is an ongoing process that has no end. Testing is part and parcel of any software development life cycle because we try to ensure that the client gets a high quality and reliable software solution without failing to fulfill any of the standard protocols that have been chalked out earlier. We use the latest testing tools to make sure that the quality of your delivery is not compromised. Our software testing tools are tailor made to maintain top quality software that is high on performance, user friendliness and stability.


We deliver the software development projects either onsite or offsite. Onsite Delivery: We have used onsite delivery for our many offshore clients. We have a proven track record of providing effective onsite delivery. Offsite Delivery: We install the software applications of the clients on their systems online. We provide online delivery of software solutions to our clients by providing software applications.


At Glory Staffing we provide our clients complete support after the project is completed and delivered to the clients. Our support and maintenance services have a long and reliable history with happy customers and end users. Our software support professionals have deep expertise in emergency software production support, ongoing application maintenance and customer support. You are free to contact us always and we are here to help you with your queries and problems. For us customer satisfaction is very important and we give high preference to our customers.


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